8th place at the European Powerlifting Masters 2014 in the -120kg class

afbeelding van Wim

A year ago I made the decission to go lifting in the -120kg class instead stay lifting in the +120kg class. Pardeel helped me with his functional eat program to achieve this. Thanks for that Pardeep. At the following link you can see the graphic of this cycle. Today was the day and I manage to compete in the -120kg class. My preparation wasn't the one I was hoping for. The recovery of my torn muscle in my right leg didn't that fast I wanted.

21th & final training Europeans, full gear....... tough training....

afbeelding van Wim

Finally I had my final training for the Europeans. Squat didn't went how I wanted. Most important was my fear during the squats. I didn't what to force myself during the squats in final training. Because of the result of today I have changed my plan for next week. Bench press went great. In my final set the bar toughed all 3 reps my chest. Unfortunately I didn't recorded this set. My goal for next week is, bench press 215kg in my second attempt. Yesterday I recieved my next Titan Velocity deadlift suit. Just in time to wear it to day. The suits fits great and give me the support I want.

20th training Europeans, recovery training, 2-7-2014

afbeelding van Wim

Recovery work today. Light squats (5x3 120kg) and it went better. The squat movement is going faster and it seems I made a step forward. With deadlifting standing on blocks I added one extra stop and this feels nice to do. 3x3 160kg was good to do. Shoulder grip bench press felt like previous week stable and good. Friday my final training for the Europeans. See if I made the step forward in squats and making the depth easier with full gear. With bench press is important to keep the focus and shape of this moment.

19th training Europeans, Monday 30-6-2014

afbeelding van Wim

A few trainingsessions left for the Europeans. During the squats (3x3 220kg) you can see I still holding myself back and therefore is less easier what I can. Friday I want to make some sets with the right depth, so I will be ready for the Europeans. Conventional deadlift is going ok, not the weights I want and I lifted 250kg today. Bench press is going with the right curve. I bench pressed 3x3 135kg and this is for me very good. Wednesday recovery training :-)


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