Week 9 training 2 squats, bench & deadlift (light session) 10-2-2016

afbeelding van Wim

Light session today. Narrow grip bench press 3x5 95kg. Setting up for Friday. Final shirt training. Will I be ready to press 200kg again? Squats 4x155kg. With raw squats I still feel (got) reaction in my right leg. This holding me back with the raw squats and raw sumo deadlift. Nevertheless step by step my shape towards the Nationals is growing. Most important is to lift more than I have done at the Worlds. 

Week 9 training 1 Pause squats 2x185kg no belt 8-2-2016

afbeelding van Wim

The hunger for lifting my 25th (seniors/open) Nationals starting to grow. Heaviest squat and deadlift are done. Friday my big test on the bench. Still on my way to lift a total of 800 (or a little bit more wink) Today pause squats 2 reps with 185kg (only training sleeves and no belt). Narrower grip bench press felt really strong compare to my normal grip bench press. 3 reps with 115kg went easy.

week 8 training 3 squats 310kg deadlift 270kg

afbeelding van Wim

Heaviest training squats & deadlifts for the upcoming Nationals. Compare my preparation for the Worlds I did the same weight 310kg squats. Watch difference https://youtu.be/k2dz3Rw2JmY Today I didn't worn my competition suit and the technique in my final sets comes together. Bench press only raw sets. Next week my final shirt training. Deadlift in training suit went tough. Also I my final set the technique comes togethter. I deadlifted 270kg, the same I did at the Worlds. 


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