Training 23-11-2015 injured my hamstring during final set/rep squats. 2x3 185kg training sleeves/no belt

afbeelding van Wim

Today's training went great. Squats went easy, only during the final rep in my final squats I injured my hamstring. At this stage it is not know if I torn, strained or cramped the muscle. After my bench press sets (which went very easy) 3x3 110kg, narrower grip bench  press, I went directly to my physiotherapist. He examined my leg and treats. For the coming days I got a specific stretch exercise. See what I can do on my next training. 

Fail on squats, new PR on the bench and 230kg deadlift, without belt

afbeelding van Wim

Although I failed two times on 232,5kg squats, the sets towards these failures went good. I was not able to push myself through the mental barrier. Lesson learned for next week. My bench press went very good. I pressed 1x127,5kg and 1x132,5kg (at this stage after my injure an new PB). With deadlift I'm still able to do it without belt and finished with 1x230kg. 

Training 18-11-2015 Pause squats 2x3 145kg + 2x3 155kg no belt & deadlift 2x3 180kg

afbeelding van Wim

Earlier morning session was tough. Step by step I feel beter. The deload week last week was good. Narrow grip bench press went easy. Pause squats felt strong smiley. My raw squat power is coming back. Sumo deadlift were tough. Friday a big test on the program. Looking forward to it cool


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