Step 3 IPF Worlds Powerlifting Masters 2015. 1st battle with myself 24-7-2015

afbeelding van Wim

Training the first week after a meet is tough. Put yourself in overdrive is even harder laugh Nevertheless I'm pleased how my training went. With squat I finally made 3 reps with 220kg (with wraps). This is a mental win, because I'm still not 100% confident when I squat RAW/with reps. Now I know in the coming weeks I can add my RAW squat strength and strength using only wraps.

Step 1 towards IPF Worlds Powerlifting Masters 2015

afbeelding van Wim

Back from Pilsen and right away in training for the IPF Worlds Masters Powerlifting. The road to 800kg total is long, so I make up my mind and made the first step laugh Each step is one closer to 800kg again. Today I did a Monday training like I did in the beginning of this year. Squats 3x3 180kg, pause squats 3x3 150kg. Deadlift 3x3 200kg. Bench press is the big challenge now.


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