Training 12 Open Powerlifting Nationals Full (training) gear

afbeelding van Wim

Today first training with bench shirt and finally squattting with wraps. Squat went ok at this point. I refrained during the squats. I didn't want to overload my calve while squatting with wraps. Most important my calve hold good while squatting with wraps. Heaviest set was 2x280kg. With bench press it was my first shirt training after the Worlds. I worn my old shirt (120+ class) and it went good. Heaviest set was 2x205kg. Deadlifting is step by step going better. Heaviest set today was 2x265kg. Next week lower weights :-)

Training 9 Open Powerlifting Nationals 2015

afbeelding van Wim

Okay, training today. Since yesterday morning I feel that my battery is charging better, so my energy level is coming back. Finally after two weeks struggle. Depth on my heaviest set squat (3x260kg) wasn’t depth enough. Strength was good, only I missed the confidence (training alone). The final squat set 3x235kg felt and in my opinion the depth was ok. Bench press felt also much better than last week 3x137,5kg and 2x175kg (with RAM). Sumo deadlift is feeling like the old days. I don’t know how this is happen. Heaviest sets was 3x255kg and the final set 3x230kg felt really easy.

Recovery training.... training 8

afbeelding van Wim

The weights of the recovery training were the same as the previous 2 weeks. The first week felt the best. This training let me know I'm still not recovered of the flue. This takes a little more time. See if next week recovery training felt better and easier. First see what Friday will bring. The weights on squats will not important, my goal is to squat on depth with my trainingssuit and sleeves. With sumo deadlift I planned to do 2 or 3 sets with a higher weight instead of 1 set.


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