Decision made: I won’t go to the Western European Championships

afbeelding van Wim

After a very bad night sleep (no sleep at all) and confirmation of the second sedation, I decided not to compete at the Western European Championships. The treatment of the second sedation will be extend and I think that will causes pain reaction after the treatment. During the second sedation there is the possibility that the doctor will get me out of my sleep. Then they will search with the needle in nerve to pain spots and then the will heat the needle at those specific spots.

New sedation planned on 29th of August..... first training towards the WEC

afbeelding van Wim

This week I recieved a letter from my doctor and a new sedation is planned on 29th of August. Hopefully the next sedation will help more. At this stage it is not that great. Biggest problem stays speaking, eating and sleeping no I take now some medicin for the sleep, although I don't like it, I need it at this point. Sleep is very important to recover.  



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