Training 4-7-2015 Bench press went better than last night :-)

afbeelding van Wim

Bench press went not the way I wanted yesterday. The warm-up was tough already. I found it hard to press 3x100kg & 1x120kg. The hope was for me that this occur because I had a treatment by my physiotherapist. Today I started a light squat session with 3x3 160kg. After that I did some bench press. Fortunately, it felt like a lot better than last night. 3x5 100kg went ok. Now I hope bench press will be go better on Monday also. Finished my training with some light deadlifts 3x3 160kg 

Training 27-6-2015 Squats 5x3 170kg, 5x3 190kg deadlift & 5x3 100kg bench press

afbeelding van Wim

The final squat set from yesterday have a big impact on my body today smiley Most important for the coming weeks is to improve my technique and speed. Today I started to focus on my speed angel Squats set went easier set by set, 5x3 170kg (loose wraps). Sumo deadlift is not going like I want.

Training 26-2015 3x280kg squat, 177,5kg bench press & 260kg deadlift

afbeelding van Wim

Training was harder than expected. Nevertheless I squatted 3x280kg (loose suit) and that gives my confidence for the coming weeks. It was by fare a perfect set, it was a working set cool Depth is becoming better and better yes Bench press went better tha last Friday. I pressed 177,5kg.

Training 24-6-2015 Recovery, therefore wraps + belt with squats and belt with deadlift

afbeelding van Wim

Still sore legs and back yes Therefore I used my belt and loose wraps with the squats, 3x3 190kg. Deadlift with belt, 3x3 190kg. Strength in my left arm is more than last Wednesday. Now I pressed 10x100kg and 9x100kg Next week 12 reps. The goals for Friday are: 3x280kg squats (loose suit + right depth), bench press with Supre Katana (low cut) shirt 1x180kg and sumo deadlift (loos suit) 3x260kg.


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