2nd training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, recovery training......

afbeelding van Wim

Recovery work today. Squat felt (again) good. 5x3 110kg. Technique is improving :-) Deadlift standing on blocks (with 2 stops) felt also good (3x3 160kg) and the same for shoulder grip bench press (3x5 105kg). At this stage I'm very pleased what my level at this stage is. This gives me confident for the coming weeks. Now important how the training Friday will go, this will give more information. 

Yes, 1st training IPF World Powerlifting Masters....

afbeelding van Wim

It is on.... The cycle for the IPF World Powerlifting Master is started. This week I will do my exercises and use to figure out what my level is, so I can start next week with proper sets. The squat went ok. My leg is feeling much better and through that the movement of the squat is more becoming one again. Now see what the coming week will bring in recovery (reaction) of training. Squat sets 3x160kg, 3x170kg and 3x180kg. Followed with deep block squats 3x3 130kg. I use my half (loose) squat for protecting my leg. With deadlift I did 3x180kg, 3x185kg and 190kg (no belt).

Ready for training for the IPF Powerlifting Worlds Masters.....

afbeelding van Wim

Although I didn't lifted what I wanted at the European Masters, the meet give me the confident I need to make my next step to breaking my old "best" level. At the Worlds I'm aiming to lift over the 800kg total again (315-215-270) and ofcourse in the back of my mind (I'm hoping for a lot more :) ) With my Titan equipment will that easier to realize.

8th place at the European Powerlifting Masters 2014 in the -120kg class

afbeelding van Wim

A year ago I made the decission to go lifting in the -120kg class instead stay lifting in the +120kg class. Pardeel helped me with his functional eat program to achieve this. Thanks for that Pardeep. At the following link you can see the graphic of this cycle. Today was the day and I manage to compete in the -120kg class. My preparation wasn't the one I was hoping for. The recovery of my torn muscle in my right leg didn't that fast I wanted.


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