WEC Powerliften 2014, Turijn, Italië

afbeelding van Wim

Deelnemers namens Nederland: Sandra Wildeman, Judith Meerding, Ankie Timmer, Brenda vd Meulen, Floris van Melis, Jorrit de Jong, Joost de Groot, Sven den Houting, Jordi Snijders. Live stream: http://goodlift.info/live.php Nominaties dames, klik hier! Nominaties heren, klik hier!

Datum Gebeurtenis: 

vrijdag, 12 september, 2014 - 08:00 to zaterdag, 13 september, 2014 - 23:45

15th training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, Full Gear training....

afbeelding van Wim

Today it was one of the two test trainings for the Worlds. Most important I was able to make doubles with the total I lifted at the Europeans. :-) So at this point I can say my strength is going back to my old level. This gives me a big boost. With squat I went up to 2x285kg (full gear). The technique isn't 100% yet and I know I'm still holding myself back during the squats. Bench press went better and better each set. I finished with a 2 reps with 215kg and the final rep, touched my chest almost. Finally with sumo deadlift I have the feeling the strength and tension is coming back.

13th training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, lower weight session

afbeelding van Wim

Just for protecting myself I lower the weight of today's training session. Squats 3x 180kg-185kg-190kg instead breaking the 200kg. Also with pause/box squats I did 3x3 135kg instead of breaking the 150kg. With deadlift I did 3x 190, 195, 200 instead of breaking the 220kg. With bench I did 3x5 115kg, instead over the 125kg. I want to put some weights on the bar coming Friday. So rest and low weight training session are helping to realize my next step.

12th training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, gear training

afbeelding van Wim

Step by step my strength is improving. Today I was able to squat 3x265kg (with my loose suit). Next week I want to make doubles with my competition suit. After squat I bench pressed 3x135kg and pressed with my low cut super kantana 3x200kg (each rep closer to my chest). Next week also doubles with bench press. Sumo deadlift is each training going better and the feeling of the past is returning. Today I pulled each 3x232,5kg and I'ainming to do 2x245 / 250 next week. Thanks for Peter and Peter for helping me out. This gives me a good impuls to work hard during my training.


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