22th training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, monday training,2 to go... and.....

afbeelding van Wim

Today squat (depth) went great and easy. The treatment of my physiotherapist, directly after my training Friday, helped out great. I made 3x3 230kg (half loose suit, belt and loose wraps). Pause/box squat 3x3 160kg,went easy. Deadlifting felt great and only with my with the 1st reps with 230kg, I felt that something occur in my right back muscle. I didn't torn. It felt that the muscle was peeled off. During the 2nd and 3rd rep I was able to lifted the weight. Alhough I felt the spot. Therefore I lifted the 3rd and final rep slower than I was able to.

21th training IPF World Powerlifting Masters, heaviest workout, full gear, 1-9-2014

afbeelding van Wim

Although I didn't make the reps and weights I'm planning to do, I'm pleased how it went. Finally I squatted 300kg again. I wasn't most beautiful squat and most important I squatted. During the squat I was afraid, because the tension I felt in my right leg. I don't injure myself, so I holding myself back during the squat. I ended my squat session with a double with 280kg. With bench press I finally touched 205kg on my chest. Made a technical error with the 2nd rep with 215kg and finished my bench with a single 200kg (on my chest).


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