Squats within the possibilities of my calve injure

afbeelding van Wim

The planning was 5x5 187,5kg raw squat today. Because my injure of my calve muscle (the sinew/tendon of the calve at the bottom of my knee) I was pleased that I squatted 5x5 150kg. Squats were above parallel otherwise the pain was too much, when I made the right depth (empty bar was too painfull already). At the stage I think better to squats above parallel instead of no squats at all. Hopefully the reaction of the calve muscle will be ok tomorrow, so I will be able to deadlift on Monday night. 

Stopped deadlifting ....

afbeelding van Wim

Although I squatted 220kg, with  wraps, last Friday. In that set I injured myfibula (bone) and the muscles around it. I don't know what happened. After the training the muscles start giving reaction. I thought wiht rest it would be recovered enough to do my Monday training. I skipped the front squats and during the deadlift it was hard to put on my leg (and muscles) Also the technique wasn't the way I wanted to go and therefore I decided to stop. See how it will recover the coming days and if I will be able to squat on Friday. Stay tuned :-)

Squat training 5x5 175kg RAW followed with 2 singles to get just of the wraps :-)

afbeelding van Wim

In this trainingscycle I'm focused to squat 5x5 200kg RAW again. Squat training 1 is done 5x5 175kg, so 25kg left to gain the coming weeks. Because my next meet is a gear meeting, I started to do 2 singles with wraps after my RAW squat. This for getting just at the wraps again. The second win is to gaining the weight step by step, so when I start training geared to step to the bigger weights is less compare only the RAW weights. Todays singles were 1x200kg and 1x220kg. Next week 5x5 187,5kg is on the program followed with approx. 1x210kg and 1x230kg with wraps. 

Bench press training week 1 ......

afbeelding van Wim

Monday I started directly my new program. Bench press went ok at the RAW nationals, knowing I'm not that good a RAW bench (ok at all). Nevertheless I want to crack the 150kg plus in the coming cycle. The reason I want to do that is that it will be helping me to press over the 215kg (220kg) with shirt at the equipped Nationals. I want a hard training today and I made a single with 142,5kg (the same I pressed on the meet last Sunday) followed with 5x5 125kg. Now see what next week will bring, this will be the toughest. First friday squats.... 


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