Yes 5x3 195kg & 2x205kg RAW squats Week 8 day 3

afbeelding van Wim

Final day 8 week program "squats"! I'm glad that I squatted the sets 5x3 195kg and 2x205kg (raw with sleeves) Ok, it is still 45kg less I squatted last year You can see that my bodyweight was also a little bit different. So at this stage these are my new PB's in squats. In the next 8 week cycles I will going for 5x3 205/210 in week :-) First a week rest (low weight training) and getting ready for the RAW nationals?

Week 8 day 2 bench press 150kg RAW puf puf puf....

afbeelding van Wim

What a session. The single and sets "it came from my toes" :-D I'm glad I benched 150kg (although it were 3 red lights). Most important I keep pushing. At stage a new personal best. The sets were tough I completed 4 sets and the 5th set I missed the final rep. Also at this stage I haven't benched triples with 132,5kg. A good attempt with 145kg will be possible. Friday the "big" squat test.

2x5 220kg RAW deadlift, no belt. Day 1 Week 8 completed...

afbeelding van Wim

Today's was harder than I expected. Front squats went less easier than I hoped. I didn't hold the bar tight enough on my chest, so I make it difficult for myself. Therefore the sets (2x3 120kg) went harder than I hoped. The warm-up sets deadlift 5x120kg, 3x160kg went ok. With 190kg I felt...... ummmm..... I will have to pull hard with the 220kg. I fire up the music and I completed both sets with 220kg (5 reps, no belt). This is for me a new personal best on this stage. Now see what will happen to wear a belt. Will this give me support to lift of over the 250kg again.

Finally 1x147,5kg again with bench press

afbeelding van Wim

Relieved, finally I bench press more than 145kg. Few weeks ago I failed on 147,5kg and today I got it. Last Sunday I'm inspired by the big benchers on the Gym meet. Altough I have my strugle with RAW bench, I'm glad I made small progress. When I will bench 150kg and a made my sets with 132,5kg, that will be a base to reach the 160kg and sets with 140kg in the first quarter (beginning of the second quarter) of 2015. Today I'm very happy with this achievement and gives my confidence and motivation to get the 150kg next week...

Week 7 day 1 deadlift session, this week setting up for week 8.....

afbeelding van Wim

Yesterday witness of the first 300kg bench press in the Netherlands and highest wilks single lift in the Netherlands. Now back to the (my) 'real' world. Week 7 is the week before the heaviest week 'called week 8'. This week means setting myself up for breaking new PR's next week. New PR's after leg injure (muscle torn) and new weight class. Day 1 means deadlifting and I still felt my legs from the squats of Friday. So I was glad that I had to do less weight. I finished with 2x5 185kg (no belt). Next week 220kg (no belt) is on the program.


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