Week 4 Basic training. Day 1 deadlift session

afbeelding van Wim

The first test in this program. Week 4 day 1. heavy deadlifts. First I did front squats 3x3 112,5kg and this felt better and easier than the front squats in the previous weeks. After that I had (in my opinion) the first test if my raw strength is coming back. And I can say: the deadlift sets felt great. I was able to do 2x5 207,5kg raw and no belt smiley I finished the deadlift session with a single with 232,5kg (also without belt).

Squat training........

afbeelding van Wim

Although I had to do less weights, squatting was harder than I hoped. It is as it is. Tried in body and mind. Most important for me is that I did the squats without belt, so this means a step forward (in my mind wink ). The planning for next week is 5x3 185kg. I'm curious if I will be able if I can do this. Looking forward to the squat training of next week.

Bench press training week 3

afbeelding van Wim

Small steps, means progress ;-) Today I pressed 145kg for a single and made sets with 127,5kg (5 sets of 3 reps). RAW bench press ain't my best excerise (raw) and I pleased I pressed 145kg today. It would be great to bench 160kg in my next 8 week cycle. Before I can do that I have to realize this program in the coming weeks. Two 8 week cycles will be (at least) the base, before I start up my equipped training for the Open Nationals in March. 

Week 2 squat training.. high way to hell.......

afbeelding van Wim

Last week I squatted 5x5 162,5kg. Today I had to add 10kg. This is my 3rd training that I doing RAW squats, since March (I think), above the 120kg. The set before I squatted the 1st set 172,5kg, I squatted 5x142,5kg, without belt, and this gave me a good feeling. So I put 172,5kg on the bar and the first three reps went ok. The fourth and fifth were a high way to hell.... So now is the question: Did I completed the following 4 sets with 172,5kg and squatting 5 reps? After squats I did 3x8 100kg bench press and my chest felt very sore from the bench press training from Wednesday.


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