Recovery training ..... ready for Friday bench?

afbeelding van Wim

Recovery training today. With the squats I repeated the training of Monday. 5x5 100kg went better than Monday. During the movement I was able to make more speed and this is small breakthrough in my recovery. Because I can make more speed, this gives me confidence that I'm finally on the right track back. Like Monday I did deadlifts with low weight. This to give my body more rest and make myself hungry for Friday deadlifts. The goal is to make a step forwards. Two years I was able to deadlift at least (easy) 285kg.

Monday training light squat, deadlift and bench press......

afbeelding van Wim

Due some reaction in my leg after the light squats from Saturday, I took some extra rest yesterday. Today I was focused to make more speed during the squats, instead holding myself too much back during the movement. I did 5x5 100kg and I find it ok how it went. See what tomorrow will bring as reaction. Because my body felt a little bite tried from my Friday session bench press and sumo deadlifts, I did only 3x3 200kg conventional deadlifts. Coming Friday I want to test myself how sumo deadlifts will go with full equipment. Will I be able to make a double with 260kg?

Light squats ......

afbeelding van Wim

As planned I squatted to do. The warm-up went stiff. 2x8 20kg, 8x60kg and 8x90kg. After that I decided to do 5x5 110kg. Set by set it went and felt better. You can see the difference of the set in the video. To finalized the squat session I did 3x8 60kg with more speed. More speed in the movement will helps me to get my confident back in the squats. 

Only bench press (with RAM) and sumo deadlifts. Squats tomorrow...

afbeelding van Wim

Just before my training I had my physiotherapy treatment. Although my leg felt better. My physiotherapist to give my leg some rest after the treatment. Therefore I didn't squat and will do (light) squats tomorrow. Because I skipped my squats, I had plenty of time to bench press and to do sumo deadlifts. Quote of number 14 "So every disadvantage has its advantage" :-) The strength with my bench press is becoming better. Today I did my warm-up and went up to 5x120, 3x130 and 2x140 raw.

Ligth squats and conventional deadlifts...

afbeelding van Wim

Today I had to do light squats to see how my leg respond. The muscle feelt stiff during the warmup sets. I recorded the 5 sets with 130kg and you can see the differences set by set. This is good for my confident. Coming weeks I will hold the weights low with the squats..... But I know myself :-) Conventional deadlifts were hard today. I was aiming for a triple with 225kg and in the 1st rep I let the pressure go when I lock the rep out. After that I did 2 sets with 3 reps with 220kg. And 220kg is 10kg more than last week.


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